The Original Soil Conditioner Concentrate & Humus Development Catalyst

This concentrated soil conditioner improves the structure and health of your soil, so it better supports your growing pasture and crops over the long term. Soil conditioned with Proto-Humic retains water better – vital in lighter soils and during dry periods. Plants become better established, more vigorous and resistant to drought or stress.

When we put any kind of organic matter into the soil a vast army of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, worms etc.) become activated and mobilized to convert such inert organic matter to an end product called humus. Humates have played a major role in improving crop and pasture production for many hundreds of years without proper recognition of their role.

Proto-Humic is a blend of concentrated humates and other organic compounds that have been providing benefits to New Zealand farmers and horticulturalists for many years. Such benefits include: –

  • Establishment of crops and pasture
    Humates help plants withstand stress of many kinds, climatic extremes as well as reducing mortality from transplant shock.
  • Stimulated root growth
    By using Proto-Humic, seed germination is improved and root development of seedlings, cuttings and maturing plants is stimulated. This allows plants to feed from a larger nutrient pool.
  • Enhanced soil aerobic capabilities
    Soil, like everything else on this earth, must breath or die. Proto-Humic promotes good soil structure and increases both water holding capacity and aeration.
  • Increased nutrient availability
    Humates increase the retention of applied fertilisers in the soil thus reducing loss from leaching. Humus particles hold up to three times the nutrient levels that clay particles can. Proto-Humic contains natural chelating agents which can help unlock soil bound nutrient.
  • Suppression of soil borne pathogens
    Only in soils with a normal humus content can plants gain enough resistance to counteract diseases and parasitic enemies. Proto-Humic promotes humus development giving soils the ability to directly attack such soil and plant enemies.
  • Moderation of soil pH
    Humates help to stabilize soil pH and reduce the likelihood of rapid changes in acidity. Proto-Humic has been shown to improve soil pH levels and assist in the more complete assimilation of applied lime throughout the soil profile.
  • Improved moisture utilization
    Good humate levels improve the soil’s ability to retain greater amounts of moisture for plant utilization making them more able to withstand periods of low rainfall. Proto-Humic also contains wetting properties that reduce surface crusting and water runoff. Good soil structure also allows better drainage of excessive water.
  • Development of high quality crops and pasture
    Vigour and growth of all plants and yields of all crops are generally improved by using Proto-Humic. Parasitic invasions above ground may be largely controlled by the soil antibiotic properties and growth factors that ensure photosynthesis activity. The aiding of nutrient cycling also ensures that plants receive optimum feeding.
  • Boosted soil micro life
    The high carbon content of the humates in Proto-Humic provides the source of energy to stimulate the growth of soil micro-organisms. These function to decompose organic matter (crop residues, thatch etc.) degrade man-made and other toxins and promote good soil structure.


    Application Rate
    Typically 10 – 20 litres per hectare depending on current soil status/condition and the type of pasture or crop you are intending to improve. It does not hurt to exceed this rate on very poor soils.Investment Guideline
    Typically $35 to $115 plus GST per hectare depending on application rate and quantity purchased. Call us to discuss (0800-752-762). We are happy to make a property visit so that we can recommend the most cost effective solution for you.