Picloram Gel   Woody weeds killer 2kg

Picloram Gel Woody weeds killer 2kg

Woody weeds

These include old man’s beard, climbing spindleberry, Japanese honeysuckle, grey willow gorse, cotoneaster, Darwin’s barberry, Elaeagnus & woolly nightshade. Cut stems horizontally 20mm & preferably no higher than 100mm above ground level.

Apply a 3-5mm thick layer of AGPRO Picloram Gel over the cut
surface remaining on the plant. On stems of 20mm diameter or greater, apply at least a 5mm thick layer in the case multi-stem plants treat 80 percent of the stems including all main stems.

Woolly nightshade trees
Cut a series of blazes 15-20mm deep around the main trucks of the tree using an ax or pruning saw.
Blazes should be evenly spaced with a 20-40mm gap between the blazes. Apply a 5mm layer of AGPRO Picloram Gel over the lower cut surface of the blaze.

Rhizomatous plants:These include Kahili ginger & agapanthus. On agapanthus prune, all shoots horizontally at the rhizome &apply a 3-5mm layer of AGPRO Picloram Gel across the cut surface on the rhizome. 

On Kahili ginger prune& treat the same at the agapanthus plus, if there are more than four rhizomes between the shoots, drill a
10mm hole into every fourth rhizome from a shoot, 80 percent the depth of the rhizome, & fill the hole with AGPRO Picloram Gel.

Wandering Jew
Apply AGPRO Picloram Gel at 16g per square metre over the foliage using a paint roller or similar making sure the foliage has been completely flattened during application.