glyphosate 360 weedkiller 5L

glyphosate 360 weedkiller 5L

Rainbow & Brown's Glyphosate 360 is a popular choice for total weed control and for pasture renovation. 


1. The most known and used weedkiller in New Zealand. 

2. It is effective, safe and economical. 

3. The most common non-selective herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds and many annual and perennial grasses. 

4. Great for a general cleanup around the section and ideal for spraying weeds and grasses in paths and driveways. 

***You can also add our BioWet or Superwetter (organosilicon) penetrants to further improve effectiveness and rain fastness. ****


1. Contains 360g/L glyphosate as the isopropylamine salt. 

2. Non-selective; ideal for spraying out pasture. 

3. Leaves no residues in the soil; sow new seed 48 hrs after application. 

4. Safe and non-toxic for humans and stock - no withholding period. 

5. Fast-acting; brown-off in 7-10 days when plants are actively growing. 

6. Apply with knapsack or handgun, boom spray (including aerial), and wiper. 


1. Use 100ml per 10 litres of water (1 litre per 100litres) for general weed spraying, or 3-6 L/ha for pasture spraying. 

2. Add SprayWetter penetrant at 100ml/100 litres for maximum cost-effectiveness. 

3. Refer to the product label and product leaflet for more specific application information. 


1. 5L jerrycan style containers with tamper-evident screw caps. 

2. Shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard carton, including a detailed directions leaflet. 

Also available are: 
10 litre 
20 litre 

Registered pursuant to the 
Pesticides Act 1979 No. 5441.