biowet- bio-oil 5L Natural Wetter, Penetrant and Crop Oil

biowet- bio-oil 5L Natural Wetter, Penetrant and Crop Oil

BioWet is a natural general-purpose wetting agent, penetrant and spraying oil for crop and fieldwork. 

An emulsified cold-pressed food-grade rapeseed oil that has been specially designed to help improve agrochemical uptake by reducing drift and improving wetting and spreading of product onto the target crop or weed. 

Suitable for use as a spray adjuvant for a range of agriculture chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. 

*Uniform droplet size reduces small droplets that drift away from the target. This reduction of spray drift means you deliver the more active ingredient to the target. 
*Reduced spray drift delivering Increased effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural chemical. 
*Cost reduction - efficient use of pesticides enables better uptake and possible chemical savings. 
*Better for the environment than using mineral oils 
*Very safe to the crop when used in accordance with pesticide labels. 


BioWet may be used whenever an oil-based adjuvant has been recommended on the label of the agricultural chemical. 

The recommended use rate BioWet may vary depending on the crop but most applications will have an inclusion of 200ml/100litres of water or 0.2% of the spray volume.