BIOM Trinity Biochar Semi-Organic Fertiliser

BIOM Trinity Biochar Semi-Organic Fertiliser


Biological Organic Fertiliser + Activated Bio-Char + Compound Fertiliser (+ Trace Minerals)


  • Bamboo biochar: industry class processing. Comparing to a small home-made biochar company, we have more professional technology and staff,  avoiding harmful bacteria alive and secondary fermentation.
  • Fulvic acid: One of the best humic acid which is so powerful that one fulvic molecule is capable of carrying over 60 mineral and trace elements to boost cation exchange so your crops get access to more nutrients, maximizing nutritional potential.
  • Microorganisms: The beneficial microorganisms reproduce around the roots, enhancing nutrient transfer and decrease resistance by reducing fungal, bacterial and insect infestations. They restore the soil’s natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter so that healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and the health of the soil.
  • Balanced NPK nutrient: The inorganic, soluble nutrients boost the immediate availability of NPK to boost plant growth and yields, whereas the BIOM reduces nutrient losses to the atmosphere and through leaching.


Technical Specification

Item Content
NPK 25%
N 15%
P2O5 5%
K2O 10%
Organic Matter 20%
Humic Acid 10%
PH 6.0-8.0
Zn 0.4 g/L
Micro-organism 20 Million /g