BIOM Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)

BIOM Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)


BIOM Epsom Salt is a fully water soluble sulphur and magnesium fertilizer. It is a free flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves quickly in water without any residues.


In agriculture, magnesium sulfate is used to increase magnesium or sulfur content in soil. It is most commonly applied to potted plants, or to magnesium-hungry crops, such as potatoes, roses, tomatoes, lemon trees, carrots, and peppers. The advantage of magnesium sulphate over other magnesium soil amendments (such as dolomitic lime) is its high solubility, which also allows the option of foliar feeding. Solutions of magnesium sulfate are also nearly neutral, compared with alkaline salts of magnesium as found in limestone; therefore, the use of magnesium sulfate as a magnesium source for soil does not significantly change the soil pH.

This product is suited to application through all fertigation systems - hydroponics, drip systems, low throw sprinklers, centre pivots and spray units.